Potty Patch - As Seen On TV

potty patch 1
Potty Patch As Seen on TV is the indoor potty pad restroom for your pet so he can go when he needs to.  Whether you live in a high rise condo, hate the cold weather or just can't get home from work in time, PottyPatch is the solution! Don't let your pet suffer or risk coming home to find a mess when your pet will love the Potty Patch pad.





 Great Pet Training Tool

Puppy training is a breeze and your carpets and floors wil thank you.  Pottypatch holds a full quart of water.  The Potty Patch Is Made Up Of 3 Tiers, the first is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through. Then 2nd grate keeps the grass dry and above any liquid, which Tier 3 is a collection tray that holds up to a gallon of liquid allowing for multiple uses during the day.


Potty Patch is the Perfect Indoor Pet potty patch 2


Get PottyPatch now for only $39.99 plus FREE upgrade to a super plush anti-microbial grass with double the blades and a FREE BONUS Jumbo Pet Bath Towel.  This offer is not available in stores.